7 Coffee Shops Around the World that Will Keep You Awake!


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
August 11, 2018
7 Coffee Shops Around the World that Will Keep You Awake!
7 Coffee Shops Around the World that Will Keep You Awake!

Coffee Shops are getting more and more popular as the 21st-century enters its young adult phase! As the old saying goes, caffeine makes the world go around. Or at least it will keep you awake long enough for you to perform decently in whatever endeavors your daily routine as you go through! But necessity and convenience have long been turned into a trend, a style of life, a hobby for many, even! Follows us as we take you through 7 establishments around the world whose cups are more than worthy of your sip!

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Some of the establishments displayed here are your standard fare; baristas galore, all kinds, types, and races of coffee imaginable in the world, while others (there’s an oriental one which will most likely leave you a bit flummoxed… most likely) are the most original example of what a coffee house can be. A good mood and a good atmosphere are also the product brilliant interior design, and we found that the ones that made it into our top to offer just that: a place you don’t just go for the coffee, but for the actual space itself.


I  Kaffeine in London

II – Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

Coffee Shops Coffee Shops

III – Cafe Craft in Paris

Coffee Shops Coffee Shops

IV – The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

Coffee Shops Coffee Shops

V – Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Coffee Shops

VI Rosetta Roastery in Cape Town, South Africa

VII – Kronotrop in Istanbul


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August 8, 2018
September 19, 2018
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