European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
September 27, 2018
European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber
European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

European craftsmanship projects in Homo FaberHomo Faber, it’s all about creativity and craftsmanship. The ancient arts are coming back, and in here you can get to know the best European craftmanship projects and its makers. Checkout out here the best of Europe traditional techniques in Venice.

Cabinets Boca do Lobo

Homo Faber is an inspiring exhibition of European craftsmanship, international cultural art to showcase fine contemporary and traditional ancient techniques, linked to the world of creativity and design. Here you can meet master artisans and get to know their master design projects.

European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

A handmade jewellery cabinet is held up by four slender legs. The cabinet has been covered with a stingray. Ludwig Vogelgesang takes inspiration and creates his masterpieces through an emotional response to the materials. Ludwig immerses himself in the story of the object with the purpose to bring out the most fitting colors tonalities and shades, but most of all to be faithful to the unique nature of the objects he creates.

European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

The mirror was named after the ancient Portuguese technique called filigree, one of the oldest jewelry making techniques known… The shape of the Filigree Mirror, made by Boca do Lobo, represents the  Portuguese culture and art. Completely handcrafted, each brass cord is fitted with precision. The concave frame of the Filigree Mirror was hammered from a single sheet of brass, and the frame that extends across the wall is made from brass cords, gilded with 18k of pure gold.European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

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European craftsmanship projects in Homo Faber

The work presents a variety of techniques, as you can see in this product leaves were “fossilized” to create different textured molds. A cold casting of the bronze is then used as a technique to minimize the bronze layer and therefore the final weight, while the other side, a one-millimeter brass sheet is used. In terms of emotional meaning, we can say that one side of this bronze screen evokes stately church doors and their detailed engravings. On the other hand, the second one, purified and contemporary, has a layering of patinas that conveys the effect of extreme depth on the thin surface.

Inspiration Christmas Boca do Lobo


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October 8, 2018
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