5 New Designs From Bessa Art And Design


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
December 5, 2018
5 New Designs From Bessa Art And Design
5 New Designs From Bessa Art And Design

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And Design – The international brand created in 2016 designs handcrafted high-end products inspired by iconic moments or legendary people from the past.


Bessa Art And Design, an interior design brand from Porto (Portugal), recovers techniques of craft production to unique pieces and brings back the charm of ancient times, through a new interpretation. They describe themselves with the following quote: ‘’Our exclusive work recreates feelings and stories of other times that seek to build a perfect past. A past full of exciting memories, inspiring feelings of nostalgia.’’ Here are some of their latest bespoke furniture pieces:

Eclipse (Wall lamp)

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And DesignSolar eclipses have inspired curiosity and admiration, that’s why it’s the source of myths, legends, and superstitions. The unique wall lamps are supposed to replicate the eclipse charm, sense of wonder and enchantment. Their uniqueness continues to arouse in us emotions that we want to preserve as cheered memories.


Moai (Console)

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And Design

The Moai, also known as the Great Heads or the Naoki, are 887 colossal statues in stone located on Easter Island. These cultural landmarks are wrapped in mystery, which made the perfect inspiration source for the limited edition piece of Bessa latest collection. The bespoke console honors the amazing culture landmark by transmitting the mysterious stories.

Meteor (Mirror)

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And DesignAllow yourselves to be seduced by the mystery and beauty of the meteor wall mirror. Inspired by the fleeting passage of a meteorite that dazzles us every single time that happens this bespoke mirror captures the exact moment that a meteor hits the Earth in the shape of a crater.

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Monroe Special Edition (Floor lamp)

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And DesignThis bespoke floor lighting results from the work of Bessa and the incredible Rug´Society brand, as a form of showing to the World how the Past enhances the Present. Inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe, this limited edition lighting fixture is full of history of passion for a dazzling past full of emotions and feelings of nostalgia. The unique lighting piece design captures the essence of her image and the sensuality of her famous legs.

Chiavarina (Dining chair)

5 New Designs From Bessa Art And DesignThe Chiavarina was a unique chair created in 1807 by a carpenter, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, from Chiavari (Italy) that turned out to be a famous piece of furniture all over the world. Inspired by the most iconic chairBessa has redesigned this piece, adding back the French decorative elements in a hand-carved handle which make it look more contemporary without preserving its roots.



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December 4, 2018
December 6, 2018
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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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