La Tour D’Argent, a Feast for Kings


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
August 8, 2018
La Tour D’Argent, a Feast for Kings
La Tour D’Argent, a Feast for Kings

A mainstay in any King or Emperor visiting the City of Light, La Tour D’Argent (literally, The Tower of Money, but it is often referred as The Silver Tower in English) is a visual feast for those with an interior design-inclined mind. Legend has it that the restaurant opened back in the 15th century (if it is actual, 100% truth is another matter). Its location is beautiful, it overlooks Notre-Dame, and also has a Michelin Star to boot, what’s not to like? Oh, did I also mention the ducks used are sourced by the restaurant’s own farm?

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Claims have been made all over the centuries as to when the restaurant was founded, and some of the most powerful of these claims have the credibility of the Kingdom of Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur. But, as legend has it, France’s King Henri III used to frequent the restaurant back in the 16th century, and that it was in this very same restaurant in which the King used a fork for the first time, an action which would reverberate all over the kingdom of the French, changing the way they used to eat forever. Or so it is said. Whether true or not, it is safe to say that the restaurant is one of the oldest functioning restaurants in Paris, and that alone is reason enough to dine there. That, the view, and the palace-like interior décor, which sends splashes of golden smiles through all the floors of the restaurant’s invariably iconic building.

La Tour D'Argent

La Tour D'Argent

Beautiful, charming, nostalgic, and altogether picturesque, the restaurant has changed hands over the years, and most recently (well, 1912 recent) it was bought by the Terrail family. The same family is still operating the restaurant, so you can discard any thoughts of it having lost quality over the years. Well, not totally it seems.

La Tour D'Argent

While hopefully not linked to a loss of quality, the restaurant had been a three-star in Guide Michelin up until ’96, when its rating fell by one star. Ten years later, the rating went down by another star, leaving it a most likely symbolic one-star rating in Guide Michelin. Interpret it to your will, but I doubt you’ll feel wronged if you dine there, even with its one-star rating. They produce their own ducks, and the La Tour d’Argent Duckling is a city-renowned plate!

La Tour D'Argent

La Tour d’Argent is also very keen on wine culture, and their collection will surely keep your vinicultural interest more than hydrated!

La Tour D'Argent

And, last but not least, the view. Gosh golly, the view. Look at that, take it in. Yes, it’s the Seine River, and Notre Dame, along with some beautifully designed and put-together dining room. You might not get three Guide Michelin Stars, but you’ll breathe in an atmosphere unlike no other!

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August 7, 2018
August 10, 2018
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