Living Room Decor: Less Is More


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
March 8, 2022
Living Room Decor: Less Is More
Living Room Decor: Less Is More

Living Room Decor intent is to show our personality, as well as keep the space functional and comfortable. The latest trends have incorporated the “Less is more” motto into interior design, and it pays attention to the use of basics. Not only does it give a clean and fresh look to our living room but it also provides extreme comfort.

Keep reading for some inspiration!

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Less Is More Living Room Decor

There is lots of attention to the choice of furniture in environments like these. The elements must work together to create an impactful space that thrives with beauty, as well as the creation of a concept with an exceptionally functional design.


Get more inspiration from the Home’Society Magazine Issue 2:

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Living Room Inspirations

Living room in neutral tones and velvet grey sofa

A modern take on simplicity with a touch of neutral soft tones. It transpires a much simple way of living and it allows you to focus more on the items you choose for the decoration of your space. This living room features the Nau Sofa in a beautiful grey, and it beautifully contrasts the patterned rug.

Living Room Decor: Less Is More, interior design, room decor, living room decor, living room design, interior decor
living room decor with velvet brown armchair

The Hera Armchair is a perfect design to create bespoke interiors. Fully upholstered in cotton velvet, it embodies the magnificence of the Temple of Hera, one of the most magnificent examples of iconic Greek architecture. Its color fits perfectly in the environment that surrounds it.

Get the look:

velvet armchair in burgundy tones




neutral living room with velvet beige sofa and red armchairs

This beautiful living room design has velvet upholstery on the Fitzroy Sofa, Batak, and Andes Armchairs making it inviting and comforting. The Shinto Centre Table adds a touch of elegance as it breaks a little bit of the neutral tones.

living room decor with greenish velvet sofa and black center table

The velvet upholstery of the Nau Sofa invites anyone to have a seat and the black and white structure of the Shinto Rectangular Centre Table makes it the center item on this modern minimal living room. To contrast the overall neutral design, there is a subtle use of color on the sofa, which immediately catches one’s attention.

Living room decor with whtie sofa and golden details

Neutrals are a timeless color scheme that never ceases to make a living room shine. From whites to grays, spaces like this turn extremely welcoming and warm. It thrives with elegance and even luxury, which arises from the Otter Sofa  – an element that adds comfort to the room. The neutral backdrop is enhanced by the use of gold, as well as by the different textures and patterns. This makes the room joyful without feeling like it is too much, creating the perfect environment to gather with friends or even relax while watching a movie.

Living room with orange armchair and geometric rug

This living room makes the rug the centerpiece of the space. It has a unique design that manages to capture anyone’s attention. Additionally, the Dalyan Armchair brings opulence and elegance.

Get The Look:

beige leather armchair


Living Room Decor: Less Is More, interior design, room decor, living room decor, living room design, interior decor


living room in white tones and orange velvet sofa

With a mix of colors and neutrality, this living room exudes a feeling of warmth, thanks to our Otter Sofa. This sofa can adapt to any room and be an integral part of your living room decor. Its round shapes transmit both comfort and grandiosity.

living room in neutral tones and green accents

This living room design provides a sense of harmony and freshness to those who enter this space. It is demonstrated through a neutral color scheme combined with a natural pop of green. The Essex Corner sofa together with the Padaung stool and even the curtains combine perfectly with the green of the Otter Ottoman.

Living room decor in white with velvet white sofa

The right approach to white or light living rooms makes a room feel inviting and elegant. This space surely will make your mood much better and boosts your energy. The white couch thrives with its design and the golden details add some shine and contrast to make this room an unforgettable one. The Horus Irregular Big Chandelier creates the perfect silhouette, and its unique design makes this an item to behold. It will elevate the luxury in any living room decor.

Living room decor with white sofa and patterned rug

The Hera Round Two Sofa in white makes this a lovely place to enjoy. It allows organic lines to take place and it is a contrast to the black elements.

Get The Look:



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Living Room Decor: Less Is More, interior design, room decor, living room decor, living room design, interior decor

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