Upcoming - Gigantic Apple Store in Dubai


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May 27, 2015
Upcoming – Gigantic Apple Store in Dubai
Upcoming - Gigantic Apple Store in Dubai

Since a year ago we had no new information on the arrival of the first official Apple store in Dubai and yet we were told it would be the world’s largest, surpassing the Grand Central Terminal located in New York. Now, according to new data, the project was revived with figures that are much less visible.

As striking as 50,000 square feet, equivalent to an acre, which would occupy the premises on the second floor of the Mall of the Emirates (the world’s second largest shopping center, behind another which is also in the same city) . If all goes well, it will open in August of this year.

There is also evidence of a second Apple Store in the United Arab Emirates, in another shopping center called Yas Mall in the capital. Perhaps everything was agreed during Tim Cook visit to the country in February 2014, where he took the opportunity to visit several dealers and meet with the Prime Minister.

If they are really planning to open an Apple Store so great, we should see signs advertising that fact when the summer begin. Let’s see if Cupertino also considers Dubai an important business center, as well as all China, where the brand wants to open several stores. Today, all the UAE can purchase official Apple products by the company’s website.



May 26, 2015
June 9, 2015
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