3 bespoke fireplaces by Covet House


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
October 15, 2018
3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House
3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House

3 bespoke fireplaces by Covet House – Design Lovers, prepare yourself for the Winter with these incredible fireplaces presented by the Portuguese brand, Covet House. It’s a successful combination between warmth and luxury style.


As you all know the coldest time of the year is coming up, and with it comes those precious moments in front of the fireplace, with a nice fluffy blanket. When we think about fireplaces it doesn’t have to be in a messy room environment. In fact, the Portuguese brand, Covet House, presents to you some amazing examples of different bespoke fireplaces that has that luxury style. It’s the best of both worlds!

 3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House 3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House

Musa – Fireplace

One of the emperors of the Mali Empire, Musa, was the muse for this one. This character is also known for being the history’s richest individual to have set foot on earth. The way this amazing fireplace conquers the space with its brass structure together with the strength present in its flames relates to the strength. If you look closely Musa Fireplace replicates the wealth and boldness of his empire.

3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House

Eruption – Wall Fire

The electrical fire together with the heating system and its exquisite design makes Eruption Wall Fire a perfect fit for any environment willing to stand out among the others. This volcano inspired Wall firepit it’s a true representation of the natural phenomenon of an eruption. This wall fireplace will look amazing in your modern winter décor, and give a luxury design to your room.

3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House 3 Bespoke Fireplaces by Covet House

Bloom – Wall Fire

Speaking of wall fireplaces, in the Covet House you will also find a flower shaped fireplace that it’s quite unique. The Bloom Wall Fire steel body represents a full bloomed body and the epitome of beauty. Its delicate design has in its core all the strength and will to turn itself into something bigger and beautiful. This is the perfect choice for lighting up any room with some fire (literally) and passion.

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