The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find


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October 17, 2018
The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find
The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find – The holidays are right down the street and the season for planning Christmas presents has officially started. Here are some suggestions for amazing jewelry shops where you will find the right gift for your loved one!


Christmas is not very far and some people have already started to plan their special gifts for friends, family and that special one. Whether is a nice bracelet or a unique watch, an amazing piece of jewelry can never go wrong. Here are some special jewelry shops that can give to you some inspiration.

The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

Cartier jewelry is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world. Founded in 1847 in Paris by French designer Louis Cartier, this high-end brand gained a lot of notoriety for its fine and exquisite diamonds and unique gems creations. Besides the amazing jewelry pieces, Cartier is also popular thanks to its luxury watches and timepieces.

The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

When we talk about American jewelry the first name that comes into our heads is Tiffany & Co, the most iconic company in the USA. Founded back in 1837, in New York City, it has spread over 300 locations, mesmerizing the worldwide community, especially the lovebirds, since they have the best selection of engagement rings ever known.
Tiffany’s master artisans produce their incredible collections of jewelry (rings, earrings, charms, pendants) with exclusive materials like diamonds and platinum.

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The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

Bvlgary, an Italian based company are recognized by there elegant and extravagant pieces with that traditional twist. Their most famous collections are bold and sensual, always meant to receive attention and respect, thus evoking the Italian heritage and glamour. Besides their fine selection of luxury jewelry and watches collection, the brand decided to take the next step and has extended their business into the luxury hotels market, from London, Dubai, and Milan, to Bali and Beijing.

The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

Founded back in 1837, by the Parisian designer Thierry Hermes, this exquisite jewelry brand turns out to be a hit around the world. The combination of limited edition bold designs in their luxury selection of jewelry, watches and other accessories, it’s was made them so popular. Their high-quality products are handmade, in France, with the best luxury materials, by the best master artisans.

The Best Jewelry Shops That You Can Find

Harry Winston is a landmark in the world of luxury jewelry.  Recognized as the “King of Diamonds” this American jeweler is one of the most popular of the 20th century and the number one choice of many Hollywood celebrities. Created in 1932, in New York City, Harry Winston has become a resounding name in the luxury jewelry business, with elegant and exquisite designs, using the finest metals and gemstones and masterful craftsmanship.

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