Get to Know The Luxury Restauration Hardware Store


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
October 30, 2018
Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware Store
Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware Store

Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware Store – Restauration Hardware just opened a new  90,000-square-foot shop for design lovers in New York City.  Check it out!

Is this a hardware store? Its the question that many people ask themselves while watching the incredible building. The new Restaurant Hardware store, or RH, is six stories tall place that brings the brand’s catalog to life. This amazing stop for design lovers let you experience your five senses thanks to its coffee bar and a rooftop restaurant that you can find inside.

Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware Store

“I’m interested in bringing the magic back to physical retail, whatever investment that takes in money, creative involvement, and time” explains the CEO Gary Friedman, to the Forbes.

The building was a $50 million investment that brings to life an incredible world of luxury restoration hardware.

Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware StoreAs you enter you will see that this space reminds you of a glamorous “gallery”, instead of a regular furniture shop. This luxury store isn’t bombarded with sales signs and price tags. Everything is carefully thought and placed like it was a high-end exhibit for interior design passionates and professionals.

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This luxury gallery offers guidance in the design world, with the help of a team of interior designers available to offer consultations. They will show you everything that you need to know, including the brand’s entire library of fabrics, leather, furniture, and lighting.

Better than described, is if you can experience for yourself, so take a look and prepare yourself to be dazzled:

Dining Tables GIF Boca do Lobo

Source: You’ll Want To Live Inside Restoration Hardware’s Epic Flagship Store

October 24, 2018
October 31, 2018
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