Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019


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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas
February 21, 2019
Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019
Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 – On your next shopping spree, keep in mind what colours will be in the spotlight in this new year. This is the year to bet on your boldest side and to create interior design projects that reflect your strong personality. Be inspired by these colour boards to always be in style in 2019.

As the biggest difference with the beginning of this new year is the explosion of strong sensations that will arrive in interior design.


Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

Even if some interior designers are reluctant to enjoy this colour to its fullest, the neo mint is really one of the most futuristic tones that will be in style this year. The brave ones willing to incorporate this pale yet out of the box tone will be granted an environment with both future and past references. You can either use it as a retro colour for the interior of your home or be more adventurous with lightining. One example is the letter Q from Delightfull‘s collection.


Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

An interior design inspired by Tawney Browns will take your living room into a higher level of luxury and comfort. With colours floating in between fireplaces and warm coffees, this is a trend that will make you stay longer in your living room just enjoying its cosiness. Whether it’s in walls or in lightning pieces like Botti Pendant by Delightfull, this bronze colour will look exquisite.


Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

While you still find yourself fighting the stress from your day, here is a nice answer to those dilemmas. The new trend will be the calming blue colour that transports you straight into the relaxing state of mind from the beach. To help you achieve this, you can either get inspiration from Coltrane suspension or the number 9, both from Portuguese brand Delightfull.


Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

Interior design enthusiasts have always loved the peaceful colour pink. It has a timeless appeal to it and it looks perfect with gold and black furniture, being a colour that can adapt to a lot of environments. To achieve a unique sense of glamour, you can choose pieces like the Essex chair by Brabbu and pair it up with lighting like the piece Simone by Delightfull.


Get inspiration with these colour boards in 2019 2

The never running out of style monochromatic tones white and black are a timeless symbol of decoration. These colours are always associated with elegance and simplicity in luxury. For your next interior design project, you can add a black geometric table lamp like Atomic or a retro statement letter W!

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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

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